from by Tides Denied



They said: Boy, you’ve got the world in your hands
Be careful when you choose one of these plans
You’re free, you’re footloose! They promised a lot
All doors stand open – No, they do not!

How could you know what it means to be free
When you were born into a cage holding you down on your knees
Where everyone is content with living a lie
No reflection, no worries, just passing the time
Classified by strangers who decide
The way you waste your life until the day you die
It’s so hard to step out of society’s shadows
No chance to break out when no one really knows

It’s just simulated freedom
And no one's bothered about it

I won’t wait until death sets me free
I want to live my life in unrestricted peace


from FIND YOUR PLACE, released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Tides Denied Germany

Hardcore Band from PB/MB/KS

Backbite Records

Photo Credits: Dennis Knop

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